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Anybody who is in contracting knows about that recurring nightmare of not being able to get parts and service. “That’s what’s been happening to me,” says Quinton Minnaar owner of HQ Plumbing and HQ Plant, “and it can keep you up at night!

He adds that even the best equipment in the world is of no use without the right backup and support. “Things can go well for months and suddenly something goes wrong. That’s when you need service the most and I have been let down in this regard,” he says.

No Downtime

This is why Quinton has turned to Kubota for a solution. Specifically he bought a Kubota U30 compact excavator and two buckets – 300mm and 600mm – for digging raft foundations and doing a host of other jobs.

I am very happy with the machine and with Kubota’s service so far,” Quinton says “and so are my plant hire customers.

Quinton has nothing to fear! In its 40 years’ involvement in the compact-excavator industry Kubota has continuously set the standard with technological innovations that have rocked the industry. The integration of the zero boom and tail swing was one such innovation.

U30 digging trenches for pipe laying and other plumbing lines.

U30 digging trenches for pipe laying and other plumbing lines.

Up to 10% fuel saving

Others, which also helped create the future of compact construction machinery, included the pioneering, advanced features of Auto Idle, which helps save up to 10% fuel; a digital LCD panel and the Kubota Intelligent Control System (KICS), which help reduce downtime and save on repair and technician costs; and Kubota’s revolutionary “three-pump” hydraulic system, which uses three independent pumps for boom, arm and swivel for more efficient bucket operation.

Kubota compact excavators are used the world over in a variety of construction applications including agricultural jobs, plumbing, road-building, municipal works, pipe-laying, landscaping, water conservation projects and more.

“Tough, Reliable and Efficient” for the Plumbing industry

Our Kubota compact excavators’ characteristics of being tough, reliable, efficient and easy to operate and service, enable them to work in the toughest conditions and take on any challenge,” says Tom Bloom General Manager of the construction equipment division at Smith Power Equipment, Kubota distributors in South Africa.

There is no doubt that Kubota comes with all the right credentials,” Quinton says. “And I have seen for myself that the U30 is a special machine. It is extremely powerful for its size and can work in very confined spaces. The true test will be when I need something urgently from Kubota! But I bought the machine because of the excellent reports I have had of both the quality of the machine and Kubota’s service, so I am sure there’ll be no problems,” he concludes.

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